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  • The joy learning and consuming information.  The pain of indigestion, focus and distraction….

    Originally posted on The Curious Dyslexic:
    Week 2 / Post 6 —- Sometimes I find it difficult to focus. ?When studying I find myself distracted from the main topic. ?I see something shiny?and interesting and i trail off following that topic for an hour or two… ?A day or two… ?A week or so… ?Erm,…

  • Gratitude and Gifts: Lessons in Receiving

    Originally posted on It's A Blissful Life!:
    My son and I giving a helping hand. The other night, I had the pleasure of feeding some of Las Vegas’ homeless. Don’t let that statement lead you to believe that I am some sort of Mother Teresa. See, I joined a Facebook page created for coming…

  • Decisions

    Everyday we face decisions. Some small. Some large. Some that seem to eat at the very core of who we are. Making a decision on certain things can be difficult. But my friends there is a very easy way to know if you are making the right decision. It is a very simple rule, and […]

  • iphonapedia (A funny thing happened on the elevator)

    iphonapedia (A funny thing happened on the elevator)

    This guest post comes to you from a longtime friend of mine, Nick Gideon. Nick is a lyricists, writer, and a no nonsense type of guy. I have never known Nick to mince words. The story in this post is quite unbelievable, but if Nick says it happened, it most certainly did. When I read […]

  • Discover My Secret Place

    Originally posted on Reflections:
    What if there were a place, a secret place, where people who had never been respected could get respect, the lonely could find companionship, the silent could find a voice, and the nondescript could find an identity?  There is such a place.  That place is called a blog. The Blogosphere Until…

  • Greetings and Felicitations-A New Year’s Challenge

    Greetings and Felicitations-A New Year’s Challenge

    Originally posted on Down Home Thoughts:
    Howdy and welcome to 2015! You have a bright shiny New Year in front of you. What are you going to do? You have the same hours and minutes that everyone else has. Are you going to do the things you need to do to make you a better…

  • Increments (unlock the next level)

    Increments (unlock the next level)

    I have learned a lot in the last few years. I learned that people you thought would always be in your life tend to fade out. But not in a bad way, they just are there one minute and gone the next. They taught you what you needed to know and served their purpose. I […]

  • Ernie Howard (@jamulbooks) has shared a tweet with you

    Get KU and read free A World without: A short story (NorWorl… Reply w/ #AmazonCart for a free sample via @amazon — Ernie Howard (@jamulbooks)

  • Be still, Be calm, And find what you are looking for.

    Remember when you were little and your parents would play the game called let’s see how silent we can be. Well at least mine did, I was a loud little kid who was always getting into things. Anyway, you would play along for a little while but eventually you would feel like you were going […]

  • Right Now

    How many times a day do you tell yourself something isn’t possible? Or that dream you have always wanted to fulfill you can start tomorrow? I used to do that a lot. Everyday I would fill my mind with images of the future, and all the cool things I was going to do, or on […]