Right Now

ClockHow many times a day do you tell yourself something isn’t possible? Or that dream you have always wanted to fulfill you can start tomorrow? I used to do that a lot. Everyday I would fill my mind with images of the future, and all the cool things I was going to do, or on bad days… Well I am sure you know what those images were like. My mind was either worrying about the future, or living in the past, and totally oblivious to the only reality that you, and I will ever have, RIGHT NOW!

The only time we have in our lives is this present, and perfect moment that is happening right now. That breath you just took, that sip of coffee, that movement of your hand, is all you will ever have. The past is gone, and the future will never be here. Now is all we have. I know you have probably heard that expression before, and you’re saying to yourself that you know, but have you ever really thought about it? Right now is all we have. Right now is all there ever was, and all that will be. When we think about what we should have done, or what we want to do, we are losing that moment to actually do something now!

The best time to start your dream, help someone, get into a better relationship, lose weight, spend more time with your kids, or just be happy is right now. A week from now hasn’t happened, it will always be a week from now. Your reality is clicking by as you read this, go make your perfect life happen. I’d wish you luck, but you don’t need it.

Websites of note


Realm & sands

List of inspirational books, and videos

The Universe Doesn’t Give a Flying Fuck About You, by Johnny B. Truant THIS BOOK IS FREE ON AMAZON

The universe doesn't

The power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle

The power of now

E-squared, by Pam Grout



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    • Thanks Shane! It was a quick post, but something I needed to say. Thanks for being an inspiration! Shared your website by the way. It looks awesome man, and I really dig your posts!


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