Write Honest!

If you are quitting indie publishing, you were never a writer.

Number one rule to writing. Be Honest!

I have heard a lot of talk lately of people quitting indie writing… Holy ever-loving shit! Are you kidding me? Why would you do that? Because you’re not living in a palace cranking out your words to your adoring fans?

We have become a bunch of cry babies. Less than a decade ago Independent publishing was one expensive, two very hard to sell a book, or make a book. And three, and kind of embarrassing. They called it vanity publishing.

We are spoiled. We have the technology to make paperbacks cheap, make digital copies, and distribute them to the fricken world! And we whine.

The title of this blog is Write Honest so that is what I am going to do. The reason why some people are quitting indie publishing isn’t because they aren’t making any money. The reason is they never liked writing in the first place! To be an author you have to like writing!!!!! DUH!!!!

In the event that I’m wrong about this, I’ll say this. If you are not going anywhere with your books, and you’re thinking about quitting then you have fallen into the trap of expecting something. I am going to give you a cold hard fact. Nobody wants to read your book. It is your responsibility to make them want to read it. You need to find your joy in writing once again. You know. Like years ago when you would buy that 89 cent spiral notebook at the store, take it home and put all of your deepest thoughts in it. You took joy in that. Even if no one was going to read it, much less pay for it!

We are the thieves of thought, and the scribes of the sub-conscious!


Write crazy shit that will make people raise their eyebrows and say that chick is off her rocker… Write something that makes you think. Write honest. Not for reviews, or money, or your family, or your editor, or because of some genre trend. Write because you love it! Write because you want to! If you don’t like writing then don’t do it!!!! If you think it is an easy and quick way to make money, maybe you should try your hand in insurance, or flipping houses. Be honest with yourself.

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Write, Create, Show Up

“The chief enemy of creativity is good taste.” – Pablo Picasso

Write, Create things. There are no rules, and anyone who tells you that there are rules… Isn’t doing anything. But what do I know? Well, nothing. But I shouldn’t let that stop me from writing, or creating something.

My problem used to be I was worried about what people would think of something that I wrote. It would suck, or I’d miss spell a word, or screw up on grammar. Then they would come out of the woodwork! They would hunt me down with their torches and pitchforks. Sneering and pointing and laughing. I would get this in my head, and guess what would happen? Nothing. I would write nothing. Like most people I was asking for permission from people who usually didn’t exist, or just didn’t matter.

The most horrible times in my life were not when people were critical of my work. The times I felt the most horrible was when I wasn’t creating anything at all. When I was frozen because of something someone was going to say. I was forgetting the most important rule to being successful with creativity. Actually doing something creative!

So for a while now I have been taking my own advice. I write everyday. I try to be creative everyday. Some of the things I write might be shit, and some of it is going to be great. People don’t remember the shit anyway. I am showing up, and creating.


The Life of Ants


Blinded by our arrogance

Aliens wouldn’t waste their time on us.

Why haven’t aliens come to talk to us?

The short answer is we are too stupid for them to waste their time on. Do you try to talk to ants?

My question is, what if they have been trying to contact us for years but they just can’t get through to us. How would they go about it. More than likely anything they tried would scare the crap out of us. Their means of communication would be so foreign to us it would look like something out of a horror movie. Being the jumpy species that we are with our ancient reptile brains, we would likely see a threat rather than a handshake.

After contact they would probably leave us to ourselves rather than give us any knowledge they know about the universe, and our own planet. They would simply give up and move on. I think these being would have something better to do. Why talk to some idiots who don’t know what they are capable of and don’t have the brain power to even figure it out. They would find us… Well… boring.

So… enter my twist. I write stories. And the story of contact with aliens can’t end on, “Oh they were boring.” Here is an alternative story. The Life of Ants.

The Life of Ants by Ernie Howard



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