A few of my books

The Light Through the Water: 

I died when I was 8 years old. I drowned…

If my father hadn’t pulled me out of the water I would have stayed dead. Just before I blacked out, I saw the most beautiful light coming through the water. A light so bright and full of love it made me forget about death. Years went by and I forgot about the light. Things changed, I got older. People I loved saw their own light. And I eventually saw mine again. This is the story of my light…

The Light Through the Water


The Pool Omnibus edition (The Pool Series 1-3) :

A family vacation across America’s great Southwest takes a turn into a sleepy little town.
Looking to take a break from the road, Shawn checks his family into a motel with a partially obscured pool. Shawn and his family settle in, not knowing that their reality is about to be bashed to pieces. When old habits and the loss of trust are brought back up from the deep end of The Pool. Where the paranormal is normal.
The Pool rules

Number one. Only one person can walk through the gate at a time.
Number two. The gate must be fully closed before the next person goes through, and that person must open the gate unassisted.
Number three. You must be ready to enter the pool.
Number four. The Pool knows when you’re ready.
The mystery of life and death will be revealed, in this thriller with emotional depth.
“Elements of the story are evocative of King, Gaiman, and Lynch, with a voice and style all its own.”- Jonathan Ballagh, author of The Quantum Door

The LifeofAnts

The Life of Ants: Episode One:

What if aliens have been trying to contact us for years, but we don’t have the brain power to even communicate with them? An alien force will bring two people together forever changing the human race. For years they have wanted to talk, but what do you say to a lower species? One part first contact techno thriller, and one part dark fantasy. he Life of Ants will make you question the human races place in the universe.

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