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cropped-cropped-me1.jpgI was born on January 29,1977 during a Minnesota blizzard. My 2 story telling parents almost didn’t make it to the hospital in their beat up blue Cadillac. I started writing at an early age, wanting to be like my mother. She wrote screen plays. My first ever story was a play about Star Wars… It never saw the light of day, and I had to throw away all of my props I made from cardboard boxes, and brown paper grocery bags. Through the years I continued writing, and a few years ago I published them on Amazon. Two of my stories, A World Without, and Walter I am writing sequels to, And My book The Light through the Water should be done in July of 2015.

I live in Henderson, NV with my 3 boys, and my wife Sonja. We spend our days in the hot desert sun chasing our toddler, and trying to stay cool. My books are below, and can be purchased on Amazon Kindle.


The Future is Scary

Anthony’s wife Susan has lost her love. She takes long business trips, and talks in clipped sentences. The problems that Anthony sees in his marriage are not what they seem. They are bigger than the two people who can’t seem to get back to where they once were.

At Norworld, we prolong life through A.I. We take away the suffering with technology.

“If the one person in your life you loved the most was there one second and gone the next what would you do? You would explore every possibility to get them back. Losing someone is a bone crushing, soul emptying experience, but now it doesn’t have to be! At NorWorld, we prolong life through A.I. We take away the suffering with Technology.” – Dr. Thad Feast

Singularity is near. The Droids are Becoming…

What really is consciousness? Is it what we can see, taste, hear, and feel? If that is what consciousness is couldn’t we duplicate it with an Artificially Intelligent being? As humans we really are just computers, that walk around in movable meat suits. It’s consciousness that makes up the person we are. Machines that are like us in every way will eventually surpass us, or that is the way it looks today. The age of quantum computing is just around the corner. A World Without is a quick peak into the future. This is book one of the Nor World series.

“A super high five to Mr. Ernie Howard for this short story. His style is well synchronized for giving the reader (me) that eerie peeked interest of wonder, like that loose end I just couldn’t place my finger on until I was supposed to. This piece was smooth and the “aha” factor was creepy cool. Thank you for your energy here from start to finish.”

“The future is scary. This was a brisk and intriguing read. I’m excited to see what comes next in nor world! The author was able to tell a super story in a short form. Can’t wait to read more.”

“I have read a few short stories now (they seem to be becoming more popular in put time-constrained lives). This is by far the best so far – it was the first that did its job and left me wanting more. A lot more! I have been given a taster of the author’s fluent, flowing style and highly recommend”

alterWalter is an odd boy. To say he is not like the other kids is an understatement. Being odd doesn’t win you many friends, nor does it give you anonymity. Kids can be mean… Walter doesn’t care what the other kids do or say to him, because he knows a horrible secret. Walter knows when the world is going to end.
The apocalypse is coming The only people that can save the human race is a young boy, and a mysterious man from the stars.
Walter is Book one in Ernie Howard’s Apocalyptic Young Adult series.

Writers_Block_Cover_convertedThis book was written for writers struggling with the illusion of Writers Block

Writers Block as one thing does not exist. It is made up of 6 different problems that happen within your mind on a day to day basis, affecting your flow when you sit down to write.

Never sit in front of a blank screen again pulling your hair out
If you have ever looked for advice on Writers Block, you have seen a lot of different advice. The one time I thought I had Writers Block, I searched the internet in hopes that I could find a cure for this dreaded block. All I found were sympathetic blog post, websites trying to sell me writing courses and software, and goofy memes showing a person sitting at a desk pulling their hair out. What I realized at that point was writers don’t really know what Writers Block is! By itself Writers Block doesn’t even exist. It’s more then just some dumb tag line.

What is Writers Block?

Writers Block is made up of 6 different things

    • Fear
    • Procrastination
    • Lack of Confidence
    • To many ideas at once (Brain Jam)
    • Having a day job
    • And a lack of resilience

In this book you learn how to manage these problems

      In write something I show you how to conquer these problems with easy to use exercises that you can use daily, or when a problem in your writing comes up.

I know what it is like

    I know exactly what its like to think you have writers block. I know what its like to sit down and stare at a blank screen. Getting out of the creative writing rut is as easy as reading this book, and doing the exercises. This book will save you from the depressing days of blank sheets of paper, and get you into that constant flow of writing.

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