The joy learning and consuming information.  The pain of indigestion, focus and distraction….

Information abuse is an epidemic. Great blog post.

The Curious Dyslexic

Week 2 / Post 6


Sometimes I find it difficult to focus. When studying I find myself distracted from the main topic. I see something shinyand interesting and i trail off following that topic for an hour or two… A day or two… A week or so… Erm, what was the main topic again?!

The distraction is usually something of a specialist interest in it’s own right. The more specialised the distraction the better… For me the topic usually has some relation to psychology, thinking about thinking, the way we learn, the way we behave, meta-cognition…. The more esoteric and philosophical the information the better. Why?… I don’t know, I haven’t figured that out yet.

For me, consuming information is similar to consuming food. It’s like sitting by the fridge and pigging out on it’s contents. Books, journals, magazines, Internet, social media, blog posts etc. – these are…

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