Gratitude and Gifts: Lessons in Receiving

Biggest gift you can give is your time.

It's A Blissful Life!

My son and I giving a helping hand. My son and I giving a helping hand.

The other night, I had the pleasure of feeding some of Las Vegas’ homeless. Don’t let that statement lead you to believe that I am some sort of Mother Teresa. See, I joined a Facebook page created for coming together every Monday to feed some of the Valley’s homeless a little over a month ago…and last night was my first time going. I have plenty of excuses from previously planned arrangements, myself being sick, my son being sick to just being exhausted and it being the only night I didn’t have something else planned so I just wanted to sit on my butt and do nothing. But I was out of excuses.

On Sunday evening my husband and I went to Sam’s Club to stock up on items: bread, cheese, lunch meat, bottles of water, Lil Cuties, Chips, snack crackers and chips…

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