Greetings and Felicitations-A New Year’s Challenge

What are you going to do with the New Year. Great blog post from Shawn @ Down Home Thoughts.

Down Home Thoughts

Howdy and welcome to 2015!

You have a bright shiny New Year in front of you. What are you going to do? You have the same hours and minutes that everyone else has. Are you going to do the things you need to do to make you a better you? Are you going take part in activities that make the area around you a better place? Or are you one of those that contributes to the drag on society? What do I mean you  ask? Are you mindful of the time that you spend, and you only get to spend it once, and how in affects you, your well-being, those around you? Do you take the harder choice to turn off the telly and work on your belly? Or do you take the easy way out and vegetate in front of the boob-tube scarfing down beer and pizza? No, I’m…

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