The Wait is over. Book Two is here

After seven years. Walter Book Two is here.

Everything will be okay. The Man said so.

So, after seven years I finally got around to writing the sequel to Walter. Walter is one of my most popular titles. It follows a thirteen-year-old boy who speaks to a person on the TV, that calls himself “The Man”.

The man tells Walter that something is bad is coming and that he needs to prepare.

No other book of mine has ever gotten the attention that this story has received. For years people have been asking, What happens to Walter and when is book two coming out.

Well, my friends, the wait is over. You can now Pre-Order book two.

2 seasons, 16 stories, all in 2 books

Seasons 1 and 2 of box set Night Portals.

Ernie Howard's Night Portals

Here is the descriptions:

Season One

You may want to turn on all the lightsand lock the doors.

You’ll get some relief, not all of these books are scary.

But the ones that are… Well…


Love is a many splendid thing. It can make you blind. It can make you feel like you’re floating on a cloud. It can make you go crazy. In this fast-paced romantic thriller, we see that love can be the end of all things. A kiss can contain eternal bliss or eternal madness.
What would you do for Love? George would do anything.

The Old Couple

Pete checks on his elderly parents at least once a week. The countless visits all melt into one, but it doesn’t matter how many boring visits he has with his parents. He makes these visits with a sense of…

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A Mid-Summer 5 Books list

% books I loved this year.

Ernie Howard's Night Portals

**DISCLAIMER** Some of the links in this post areaffiliate links and I do earn a small commission from them.

I guess it isn’t Midsummer anymore but I hope you still have a few leisurely days to just hang at the beach or in the yard and read. I know I want a few more.

My list is one of stand outs. Some of them came out this summer and a couple right before. All and all it was a very prosperous summer reading experience with lost of different stories.

I hope you’ll have a look of each of these. Maybe you’ll find one that sticks with ya. Happy reading!

Cant do much better than Stephen King

Could you handle living an infinite amount of lives? Matt Haig

If you could steal someone’s fantastic idea
without anyone knowing, would you do it?
Jean Hanff Korelitz

Spice, Spice, baby.
Frank Herbert

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Sample of Night Portals #15

#15 is live and ready for your reading pleasure.

Ernie Howard's Night Portals

Sample of, The Curious Life of a Cadaver.

Get it at Amazon

He turned the lights off after filling me full of water and preservatives. A quick process that only took one incision into my carotid artery. A part of me that was already easily accessible, so it was no trouble for my old pal Robert. In goes the chemical and out goes my already coagulating blood. I don’t know how long I’ve been dead, but I think I was in the freezer for at least a day. I don’t feel anything, but I can observe at all angles. I look down at my body and see that it has plumped up to over twice the size it was in life. My chest and abdomen look distended. I remember seeing the body of a drowning victim once, this reminds me of that. My skin is purple and fish-belly white…

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It is the 5 year anniversary of my book, The Pool

It is the five year anniversary of my book, The Pool.

Quick post, my friend.

It’s the five year anniversary of this little ditty.

This one will always be one of my favorites. 1) because it was my first novel. 2) because of how easy it was to write. It was also a weird transitioning for me. I was writing about the town I grew up in but also being a fairly new dad, I was pulling away from the past and writing about all my new fears and hopes.

This one is always going to stick with me. Hope you like it. If you have already read, The Pool, I hope you enjoyed it.

Number 13 is here! I present to you, The Coffee House

Newest Night Portals story.

Ernie Howard's Night Portals

**DISCLAIMER** Some of the links in this post are affiliate links and I do earn a small commission from them.

Greetings my friend. It has been a while since I posted a blog, but I have an excuse. I’ve been writing new books and stories. My most recent being The Coffee House. The 13th book in my Night Portals Series. Here’s the description:

Brady just wants a coffee. Instead, he gets to experience someone else’s life.

Brady Townsend has to find a different place to get his morning cup of coffee. His normal coffee house has run out. The only place he knows of is in a bad part of town that he never goes to. The germaphobe encounters his worst nightmare, a homeless person.

Brady gets more than just a cup of coffee. He gets a lesson in life and empathy. Things are not always the way look. Sometimes…

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Have a Merry Apocalypse

Newest story in The Night Portals Series, Merry Christmas from the End.

Ernie Howard's Night Portals

My latest installment for the Night Portals, takes place in an apocalyptic hellscape. Oh, did I mention that its Christmas?

We watch a lady named Brant try to navigate through a cold dark world where she is almost the only one left. Her husband and kids are dead and she is close to ending her life. Just when she is about to do it she comes upon a small cabin in a bombed out woods.

Merry Christmas from the End is the fourth book in season two of The Night Portals series.

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Book Review: Together We Cross The River by Ernie Howard

Book Title: Together We Cross the River Author: Ernie Howard Publication Date: November 13, 2020 Available On: Amazon as an eBook and as a paperback Indie Athenaeum Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars Jeff is an alcoholic. He’s a good man, though, and is married to the love of his life, Alyse. However, he drinks too much, and he […]

Book Review: Together We Cross The River by Ernie Howard

Halloween Reading Recommendations for 2020!

2020 has been scary enough with everything going on. A global pandemic, murder hornets, near-misses by asteroids, natural disasters and doomscrolling the internet for bad news to see what catastrophe might happen next. You name it, 2020 has had plenty of events that qualify. Instead of focusing on how apocalyptic it all feels, how about […]

Halloween Reading Recommendations for 2020!

Ruby just wants to help…

Ruby is live!

Ernie Howard's Night Portals

The eleventh book of The Night Portals Series is live.

Ruby is a social worker who stands at 6 foot 5 and speaks with the most pleasant soft voice you have ever heard. Everyone is mesmerized by her, except Victor, her old friend. He isn’t buying it.

I’m proud of this installment to the Night Portals series because it is the longest short story yet. It comes in at a whopping 9000 words and is perfectly timed for this spooky month. I hope you enjoy it, my friend.

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