Walter Book One is 99 cents

So, in honor of 30 reviews for my book Walter, I wrote a new description and I put the price at 99 cents. Book Two is coming out very soon.

Here’s the new description.

Walter never cared about his classmates. Until he was told he would never see them again.

Walter has never fit in, and he has never really cared. When a mysterious man starts talking to him through his T.V. telling him that the world is going to end and he must prepare, he thinks that the kids who make fun of him might be right. He is a freak.

Walter leads his mother and best friend Ariel to a bunker the man tells him to go to. A bunker that is supposed to save all of their lives. A task that seems simple enough but as they get closer, and the threat of the planet becomes imminent the task put forth to him seems impossible. Walter starts to realize some of them might not make it.

Walter Book One is the first book in this young adult science fiction series. If you like fast-paced thrilling Science Fiction with mysterious spacemen, and action-packed survival scenes, all rolled into a coming-of-age story, then you are going to love Ernie Howard’s page-turning series.

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