It has been a long time

After years of wondering if I was ever going to write a sequel to Walter. And after years of just trying to figure out what should happen to my two main characters… The day I have been thinking about for years. No joke, YEARS. Is finally here. Launch day!

Walter thought he and Ariel were just along for the ride. Until The Man told them they were their own heroes

The planet of Scracoo sits in a galaxy so far away from the Milky Way that the stars that Ariel and Walter once knew are gone from their vision. They have arrived at their next destination only to find out that the next two survivors from this planet have to be led to the ship. Ariel and Walter are put to the task almost against their will.

Walter and Ariel find themselves rocketing across the desert landscape to find the next two. Along the way, they will meet a friend. A friend they suspect that they will have to leave behind. Something that seems almost unimaginable for both of them. Walter and Ariel will do their best to get their new friend on the ship. Will their efforts be enough?

The second book in the Walter series is young adult Science Fiction with heart. If you like a gripping drama with all of the action-packed sequences of space stories and coming of age heart and soul then you’re going to love Ernie Howard’s page-turning series.

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