The First Paragraph

This is the first paragraph of my latest. Have a look at Melody 8. Remember that this is unedited.


My mother used to sing to me when I was scared at night. When shadows, in corners turned into drooling creatures who wanted to eat me. When the wind wasn’t just benign air, but a drooling demon bent on eating my soul, and my body, bit by sweet bit. I’d lay my head on her chest to feel the vibration of her singing. The song would come out in low tones and hurried breaths, and just slightly off-key. I always thought my mother’s inability to hold a perfect tune made the song better. It was as if mom had put her own touch on the song she’d chosen to sing. Her voice made pleasing chills go down my spine, and make my skin turn to goose pimples. I’d burrow deeper into the blankets smiling into my pillow. Mama would end the song and ask if I wanted to hear another one. If I was asleep she would plant a kiss on my head. The moisture and the soft smack of my mother’s lips would wake me up just enough to see her walking out of my room. Most times I wasn’t asleep, and I’d answer with a muffled yes that came deep from my pillows and blankets. Mama would answer with the same response every time. “Okay smart one.” I never knew why she called me this, and it’s funny to look back now and realize, I’d never asked her why she called me smart one.

I loved the sound of my mother’s voice. All the way up to the day she was put to death because of it.

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Finished in the nick of time

My name is Ernie, and I am a procrastinator.

I think admitting that you have a problem is the first step to recovery. SO why am I talking to you about this problem of mine? Well, I had almost four months to finish my story for the upcoming Tales from the Canyons of the damned paranormal issue. My story was only 2500 words. And today, July 1st was the deadline. I turned it in about five minutes ago… I’m hopeless. Hey, but I got it done! The only other time that I ever cut things this close was when I did a pre-order for my book, The Pool. That, however, was a large manuscript and I think I lost the rest of my hair on that one. I do however think it was some of my best work. Well, anywho back to writing. I hope you’re having a great day!