I will never get rid of this cover

The story came quick almost like it had been sitting in my brain for years. I’d been wanting to publish my first piece of fiction on Amazon. Then I would be a full-fledged indie author. So, I wrote the short story in a day. Put together a cover using a picture of my wife and a ones and zeros graphic I found on a photo editor and yay! There you have it, folks.

I know that it looks amateurish and I should probably redo it, but it reminds me of a time when publishing was new for me. And looking at the cover always keeps me humble.

Since then my writing and graphic design skills have improved a ton. I still have to say that this story still packs a punch. That’s why every once in a while I put it up for free on Amazon.

So, if you would like to see what my writing chops were in 2012, get a free copy of A World Without. Happy Reading!

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