• Sample from my latest, Ding Dong Ditch

    Sample from my latest, Ding Dong Ditch

    A sample from my new Night Portals story, Ding Dong Ditch

  • Reading Room: The Pool – Omnibus Edition by Ernie Howard

  • Sample from, Leap, A Night Portals Short Story

    LEAP A Night Portals Short Story “You are a divine being. You matter, you count. You come from realms of unimaginable power and light, and you will return to those realms.”—Terence McKenna It was colder than usual. The top of the ragged tent flapped and waved as Charlotte opened her sleep crusted eyes. Sara Ann’s […]

  • Sample of, The Light Through the Water

    The sensation is peculiar. Everything is nothing but consciousness. Existing through my memories that pass by on a continuous timeline. I don’t know where my mind begins, and my body ends, or if I even have a body. Once nothing, and now something. Just floating. But I remember my name is Ryan. I existed out […]

  • Sample of The Pool

    “There never really was just, nothing. Ya, sure there was a Big Bang, but that was only necessary to push matter into slow revolving balls of rock. It really is a marvelous sight to see. I’d seen the process many times before and never got sick of watching it. Witnessing a new reality set in […]

  • Book one of my Pool Series is free!

    Book one of my Pool Series is free!

    Book one of my Pool Series is free. 01/23/2020

  • Flash Fiction Story, Peephole

    Peephole James didn’t believe he deserved any of the things in his apartment. The big screen TV sitting on the solid oak entertainment center was a constant reminder of how he didn’t deserve to be alive. His chest moving up and down was a constant reminder. He didn’t deserve to be alive after what he […]

  • Sample from Melody 8 Book One

    This title is free today. You can get it HERE I woke up in darkness and silence. The ground under me itched my face. I sat up slowly and looked at what I was laying on. There was just enough light shining through a dirty window on my right to see I was sleeping on […]

  • Sample from, The Pool

    “Oh, that’s alright. The boy speaks what’s on his mind. Betcha he gets that from his daddy.” Bonnie the hostess looked up from Alex and winked at Shawn. Her once sparkling blue eyes were replaced with the filmy cataracts of a long dead corpse. Puss and blood as black as coal oozed from a bullet […]

  • Sample from my title, Walter

    Read the full story HERE Walter hadn’t always trusted The Man. The first time he had popped onto the TV screen a week ago, knowing Walters name, and everything about his life, he thought he was going crazy. He’d had come home from school with black eye dished out by one of Brian Carmichael’s minions. […]