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  • Sample of Gramps, A Short Story

    Sample of Gramps, A Short Story

    Sample from Gramps, a short story, by Ernie Howard

  • iphonapedia (A funny thing happened on the elevator)

    iphonapedia (A funny thing happened on the elevator)

    This guest post comes to you from a longtime friend of mine, Nick Gideon. Nick is a lyricists, writer, and a no nonsense type of guy. I have never known Nick to mince words. The story in this post is quite unbelievable, but if Nick says it happened, it most certainly did. When I read […]

  • Walter is ready for Pre-Order on Amazon

    Walter is ready for Pre-Order on Amazon

    My new book “Walter” can now be Pre-Ordered on Amazon. Order it now, and get it on November 28th! Walter: Book One [Kindle Edition] Ernie Howard (Author) Kindle Price: $0.99   Walter is an odd boy. To say he is not like the other kids is an understatement. Being odd doesn’t win you many friends, […]

  • Halloween Decor

    Halloween Decor

    Halloween decor “Is that guy ever going to take down his Halloween decorations?” Rob said, as he rubbed the crust from the corner of his eye. “Honey, he’s an old man, and it is probably hard for him to take them down. Everyone likes Mr. Samson’s Halloween decorations, they are always so, elaborate.” Samantha always […]

  • Nothing to see

    Nothing to see

    Nothing to see “Excuse me, are you Steven James?” The guy looked like a CIA agent, complete with plain black suit and sunglasses, that were not needed since it was almost dark. In one well manicured hand he held an envelope that had the name in question written in what looked like old cursive, or […]

  • Domestic Twilight Zone

    I am obsessed with the old Twilight Zone episodes. One of my favorites is “The Parallel.” If you haven’t seen it  I suggest you do. The story is about an astronaut orbiting the earth whose communication systems stop functioning and he blacks out. he wakes up back on earth with no memory on how he […]

  • Rest in peace Richard Matheson

    I know a lot of people are saying “who is Richard Matheson?” He was one of the most influential writers of our time. There are very few writers who can say they influenced writers such as Stephen King and Anne Rice. Stephen King named Matheson as one of his biggest influences, and Anne Rice has […]

  • Weird Vinyl, and other oddities. But hey Record store day is coming!

    Older post of mine from Record store day was just around the corner Just the other day My neighbors 6 year old was over playing with “Huey” my dog. He looked up as I was putting a record on (yes I have a record player). “What is that?!” He said.“It’s a record.” I said.“Whats […]