A Mid-Summer 5 Books list

% books I loved this year.

Ernie Howard's Night Portals

**DISCLAIMER** Some of the links in this post areaffiliate links and I do earn a small commission from them.

I guess it isn’t Midsummer anymore but I hope you still have a few leisurely days to just hang at the beach or in the yard and read. I know I want a few more.

My list is one of stand outs. Some of them came out this summer and a couple right before. All and all it was a very prosperous summer reading experience with lost of different stories.

I hope you’ll have a look of each of these. Maybe you’ll find one that sticks with ya. Happy reading!

Cant do much better than Stephen King

Could you handle living an infinite amount of lives? Matt Haig

If you could steal someone’s fantastic idea
without anyone knowing, would you do it?
Jean Hanff Korelitz

Spice, Spice, baby.
Frank Herbert

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Author: ErnieHoward

Ernie Howard was born on January 29,1977, during a Minnesota blizzard. His two storytelling parents almost didn't make it to the hospital in their beat-up blue Cadillac. Ernie is the author of The Pool, A World Without, Walter, Float, On Holiday with an S.O.B. The Night Portals series, Melody 8 series as well as other titles. All of these books are available on Kindle. Ernie lives with his wife and 3 boys in Henderson, NV, where he dreams up new stories and tries to live every day to the fullest. Have any questions? Want to say hello? Connect with me below. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ErnieWritesBooks/ Website: https://erniehowardwrite.com

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