Sample from Leap, a Night Portals Short Story

"Father, I'm scared," Charlotte said. The old man stopped in mid pull of the animals hide. He put the carcass on a log that sat beside him. Her father wrung his hands, flicking sinew and blood onto the dirt. Some flew into the fire and made a sizzling sound. The blood and flesh put off a smell that wasn’t unpleasant and made Charlotte’s stomach gurgle. She felt self-conscious as he looked at her. You never showed fear. You accepted everything on blind faith. That was the way it was as soon as you turned five years old, she thought.

"Charlotte, the way of The Leap is a good thing. Remember how happy May was just last year? She ran for the edge." Her father said. He smiled and looked off into the distance. Charlotte knew he was reliving her Aunts Leap. Not death. You never said death.

Read the rest of, Leap, HERE

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