10 reasons to turn off your TV

Please stand by

1) Your life is clicking by you one second at a time. Those goals you had yesterday are still rattling around in your head today. You tell yourself all you need is time. Your missing time with your kids, friends, and loved ones and you still tell yourself you wish you had more time. You do. TURN OFF YOUR TV.


2) TV has always been a way to control the hearts and minds of the masses. The powers that be are using you. They look at you as a mindless consumer/voter/taxpayer. You watch your “Programs” while they program you. TURN OFF YOUR TV.


3) Life is about experiencing it. Your life. Not the lives of mindless idiots who air their dirty laundry for everyone to see, and who you feel you relate to. Lets hope you don’t. TURN OFF YOUR TV.

flower girl

4) The news is not informative, and it is not news. It is entertainment, it has always been entertainment, and it is fear based. The news would have you believe that everyone is out to get you, your family, your things, and your freedom… But the reality is the great majority of people are just like you. How could they not be like you! They have TV’s and they are fed the same bullshit you are fed everyday. Most people want a little bit of peace and happiness. TURN OFF YOUR TV.


5) Commercials are designed to hit on your emotion centers, and are fear based as well. Buy this crap and you’ll be beautiful! Purchase this car and you’ll be just like the Jones. You want to be like the Jones don’t you? What they don’t tell you is that the Jones don’t exist and if they did, you would hear about how Mr and Mrs Jones got into a fight and are getting a divorce, and little Bobby Jones is crying himself to sleep at night. There is no competition between you or anyone. And if you think there is… You watch to much TV. TURN OFF YOUR TV. 


6) You were not put on this planet to mindlessly stare at a box with moving pictures. Consuming and competing with the people around you. But TV tells you to drink the soda/beer, Cheer for this team, or hey did you hear who won on that dancing, or singing show (art is not a competition by the way). Your life is ticking by my friends. Turn the game off and actually throw the football with your kids. In the spirit of camaraderie, and physical fitness. But do it mainly just to spend time with the people you love. TURN OFF YOUR TV.

Tv football

7) You learn very little from watching other people do things. You have to experience things up close and personal while doing them with an open mind. If you want to know how to live off the land, you have to be taught in person while you are doing it. You will not learn how to do that by watching a marathon of Survivor Man Reruns. TURN OFF YOUR TV.


8) “Well I watch TLC, or the History channel.” Wanna know how screwed TV is? To actually watch quality shows on those two channels you have to pay for the premium TLC, and History channel. The regular old TLC plays Honey Boo Boo these days. TURN OFF YOUR TV.


9) TV lowers your attention span so much that the average person cannot stay focused for one damn minute these days. And it isn’t good for your kids. Little Jimmy is not doing horrible in school because he is a genius and hes bored. Hes doing horrible in school because he watches to much TV (and plays to many damn video games, but that’s a whole other blog post) and has the attention span of a jack rabbit on crack! Do little Jimmy a favor, have him go outside and use his imagination. Or god forbid you could have him read a book! TURN OFF YOUR TV.


10) Leaving the TV on when you sleep can alter your dreams! You’re not only affected by it when you are awake, but when you’re sleeping! TV was made to program you into a subservient, tax paying slave. It was made so you don’t question, and think for yourself. It was made so you wouldn’t see the infinite power and intelligence you hold inside of you, just waiting to get out. TURN OFF YOUR TV.


The seconds are clicking by in your life. On average most Americans watch four hours of television a day. 4 hours X 365 = 1460 hours a year. That is roughly 60 days of your life you are devoting to people who tell you what to consume into your body, what to wear, how to act, how to talk, your moral compass etc… Do you not think that the powers that be would take advantage of that?

Think of all the things you could do with that time… You could change your life.

12 responses to “10 reasons to turn off your TV”

  1. While I agree that most people do waste too much time on TV, I disagree that “TV was made to program you into a subservient, tax paying slave.” It was created as a piece of revolutionary technology, and nothing more. Whether PEOPLE have attempted to use said technology for their own gain, ethical or otherwise, is a different story. And as far as telling me what to buy, what to drink, and watching nonsense competitions and “reality TV” I don’t watch any of that. I watch fiction, for the purpose of entertainment. Which is art. Somebody wrote the story, somebody acted the emotions, somebody wrote the music, somebody designed the scenery, the wardrobes. Yes, most watch too much, I think I watch too much, but that’s not the TV’s fault. It’s mine. The motto I try to mold my life around is everything in moderation. Including things like watching TV and eating food, and getting outside and exercising. They all have a place in a well balanced life. Just my humble opinion and two cents.


    • Oh I totally agree! I love movies and good a good TV series. But most of the stuff you are going to see these days in my opinion does not serve people. Thank you for the comment.


      • Agreed. The shows I hear girls at work talk about make me want to scratch my eyes out. Anything that portrays itself as “reality TV” and then injects drama is just awful. I don’t need to listen to people bicker about being naked and hungry, or this self imposed deadline for building a chopper. I’ll keep my Mythbusters and The Following and Black List.


  2. Great article Ernie and spot on IMHO. I agree with Hope that TV itself is just a tool. How people choose to use it? Well that is up for grabs. There are some great shows out there. I too am a fan of Myth Busters and the History Channel. I can find myself all to easily being sucked into watching whatever is on. Yes I’m a TV junkie, but I choose to leave it off, most of the time. Thanks for some great thoughts Ernie! I’ll be sharing this on my blog for my Tuesday To Do List. Keep up the great thoughts and grammer nazis be damned 😉 (no offense meant Digimmortal 🙂 )


    • Thank you. I have a lot of TV shows I like as well. Filtering what media you take in is key. Thank you for reading. When it comes to my blog I try to just get my thoughts out there, and not worry to much about grammar. Makes some people crazy, but I believe the content is there. Thanks for the share. I will be sharing some of your blogging gold too!

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