Dogs love books

Dogs love books

Hi there humans. My name’s Huey. I am the dog of my owner, Ernie, the person who normally writes this blog. That’s me on the left. I’m a handsome young dog, aren’t I?
Well, I have hijacked my owners blog, because I don’t think he gives enough attention to the dogs in books. I mean what are we chopped liver… mmmmmm chopped liver….. Oh sorry! Anyway back to the subject. This blog will be a list of 5 books with dogs in them. But Huey, you say, how do you know anything about books? Well friends, I would like you to know, books are like food to me. I mean just last week, I chewed up my owners first edition Clive Barker “Cold Heart Canyon,” It was delicious.
Ok, enough about me, lets hear about these great dog friendly books….
1) Marley and Me: Life and Love with the world’s worst dog. Worlds worst dog! World’s best dog! If you ask me the humans in this story couldn’t find their bone if it hit them in the tail. This dog was awesome! Think of all the adventures he took these boring loser’s on. So he ripped up the couch, and peed on the floor. A small fee for all the hilarious hi jinks this dog brought to the table.

You like my blog!!!!
2) Cujo Wow! I would never challenge this dog to a rope tug… He would bite my snout off! Well as far as dog books go, this ones a classic. Ya Cujo gave a bad name to Saint Bernard’s everywhere, but he don’t hate the breed, hate Cujo. I mean what kinda dog isn’t up on his rabies shots! That poor lady and little kid. What a jerk!

You like my blog!!!!
3) The Darkest Evening of the Year, By Dean Koontz This guy loves Golden retrievers. Everyone loves Golden Retrievers. Everyone say’s how smart they are, and pretty… I gotta say I don’t see it folks. I never met a Golden who could beat me in an IQ test, and I’ve known a few. But anyway, the book is good. It’s about these super smart rescued Golden Retrievers, oh and there’s humans in it too.
4) Oogy: The dog only a family could love This dog has the heart of a champion! Brings a tear to my eye just thinking about him. But I think he has been cheated! He overcomes animal cruelty, and his reward is that the humans get all the credit for “saving” him. This is a classic case of humans trying to steal a dogs thunder. Like just the other day I found a dead bird, and I put it on the porch. And immediately the girl human screamed and told me to get it out of my mouth! She was jealous that I had found this great treasure! After I dropped it, you’ll never guess what she did… She threw it away! Can you believe it!
5) Boston Terrier’s for Dummies. I mean this is an easy one, even for you K9 challenged people. If you want to learn about the best dog’s to ever live, start with this book. It tells all you dumb human’s how to care for us. You’ll learn what we like to eat (meat). You’ll learn why we are so smart (big brains). And why we are so handsome (superior breeding). By the way, That’s my uncle Ned on the cover.
So it’s been fun human’s. I just wanted to say this is dedicated to all my dogs that are locked up. And if you want to break them out click this link. The Humane Society.

You like my blog!!!!
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