Free Books for 08/24/17

Hello there my friends, tis I, your faithful author and free book finder Ernie Howard. I trust that you have been well dear reader, and you have not gone without a good book. If so, I am here to replenish your bibliophile delights. So I will shut my mouth, and open the door to a free book extravaganza!

A little Crime Fiction

A Journal of Sin, by Darryl Donaghue

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An Epic fantasy romance

A Soul For Trouble, by Crista Mchugh

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A Metaphysical Science Fiction Boxed Set

Contamination Boxed Set, by T.W. Piperbrook

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Origins, by Kristen Middleton

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And a fellow author Friends Paranormal masterpiece

Dissension, by Katie Salidas

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So that should tied you over for a day or two. Feel free to join my newsletter, or friend me on Facebook, and we can talk books. As always you can find my books on Amazon. Happy Reading my friends!


Free Sci-Fi books for 07/16/17

Well, I said I would try to do this everyday… But it didn’t work out. My writing, family, and life in general got away from me. Have no fear! I am back with free Kindle eBooks. So, without further ado, here are five Science Fiction eBooks for this day, July 16,2017. Hope you find a read you can enjoy.

The zombies are coming…

LZR-1143: Evolution, by Bryan James

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You think you have a crappy job…

Alan Lennox and the temp job of doom, by Brian Olsen

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How do you like your world to end?

Becoming Human, by Eliza Green

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Is Space Opera more your speed?

Exodus, by Andreas Christensen

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How bout a whole Sci-Fi series?

The Breakers Series, by Edward W. Robertson

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So, those are my Sci-Fi picks for 07/16/17. Happy reading my fellow space travelers.

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