Sample from Fresh, A Night Portals Short Story

Sample of Fresh, a Night Portals Short Story

There was a clear view of the door and I saw my twin walk in with two other men. They were all smiling a patting each other on the back. The breath caught in my throat and I didn’t breathe for at least a minute as I watched them all take a seat at the bar. I closed and opened my eyes and rubbed them with the back of my hands. For a second, I thought it was the lighting in the bar, but when I opened my eyes back up I saw the mirror image of myself once again. Different clothes, but everything else was the same right down to hair color and the small mole below my lower lip. He had a little more facial hair than me but the man I saw sitting not ten feet away from me was me right down to the way he rubbed his jaw when he was speaking to his two friends.

The thoughts of suicide left me for the moment, and I was intrigued by this new revelation. I was used to things in my life taking quick turns, sometimes small gradual banks, and other times sharp screeching maneuvers. This was a U-turn when I thought I was going straight. Straight off a cliff. I was glad to be moving towards something rather than floating in the sea of misery I’d grown accustomed to.

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Author: ErnieHoward

Ernie Howard was born on January 29,1977, during a Minnesota blizzard. His two storytelling parents almost didn't make it to the hospital in their beat-up blue Cadillac. Ernie is the author of The Pool, A World Without, Walter, Float, On Holiday with an S.O.B. The Night Portals series, Melody 8 series as well as other titles. All of these books are available on Kindle. Ernie lives with his wife and 3 boys in Henderson, NV, where he dreams up new stories and tries to live every day to the fullest. Have any questions? Want to say hello? Connect with me below. Facebook: Website:

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